Ann Arbor Darwin Day Celebration
February 12, 2010
Resources and suggested readings
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Web ressources

Darwin's publications

Center For Inquiry

Planetary Society

Free Thought of the Day

And a quick look at cleverly phrased counter-ideas... If you don't pay close attention, you may miss the true message from these following sites.

Discovery Institute

Theory of Evolution

The Origin of Species
    by Charles Darwin
Outliers, The Story of Success
    by Malcolm Gladwell
1421, The Year China Discovered America
    by Gavin Menzies
A short history of nearly everything 
    by Bill Bryson
Your inner fish 
    by Neil Shubin
The selfish gene 
    by Richard Dawkins
The God Delusion
    by Richard Dawkins
The Dawkins Delusion
    by Alister McGrath
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