Ann Arbor Darwin Day Celebration
February 12, 2010

Come join our Darwin Day 2010 Celebration!
Charles Darwin's 201st birthday!

Our 2009 celebration was a great success. We met many interesting and interested people, in various stages of evolution. We had fun, we talked and drank... Check out the pictures beolow!

In the mean time, stay tuned, we're planning a number of fun events. Check out our 'News and Events' page. But one thing is for sure, we're having another Darwin Day Celebration next year. Be there!

For more details, e-mail us at :
or check out 'news and events'

To learn more about why we decided to celebrate Darwin Day, read this article:
Why We Celebrate, by Donald A. Hicks (pdf)

Pictures of our 2009 Darwin Day Celebration. Photos taken by Hiro Mori and Patricia Jones.

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